S1E1 : The Best Solution is often the Simplest with Scott Norris

Our first full episode! This week we kick things off talking with Scott Norris of Elam’s Widow. Scott is a prolific weaver who lives in Mass. Working out of his converted garage, he creates beautiful heirloom fabrics using hand dyed linen. His pieces have evolved over time to a select palette, precise structures, and a luscious, crisp hand.

We met Scott when he came to speak  at our weaver’s guild about the work he does. We then properly met him on the Working Weaver’s Studio Trail that takes place every October in Western Massachusetts. His studio was open and inviting. Prominently in the center of it all you can see his primary loom, a 50 inch, 8 harness Norwood. He has customized it with an auxiliary warp beam, which allows for him to have precise control over his tension (which is especially important while working with linen).

Not only is his work amazing, but the way he talks about creating textiles is very thoughtful and has a lot of self awareness about how he views himself with his work. We happened to catch Scott while he is at an interesting stage in his career, a shift in creation. The work that he is passionate about and throwing himself into is much different (though very much right in line) with the work he has created in the past. So, we hope you enjoy our chat that we had with Scott about his philosophy, his inspirations and the beautiful work he creates.

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