S1E10 : Working with Fashion Designers with Jamie & The Jones

We are doing a something a little different this week. We are talking to a business that utilizes handwoven fabrics from weavers in their final product. We would like to introduce you to Jamie from Jamie and the Jones from Nashville, Tennessee.

Jamie and the Jones specializes in quality craftsmanship from the ground up, focusing on raw silks, hand-worked textiles, and garments grown, handwoven, and sewn in the United States. Jamie’s background in Fashion Design and Merchandising plus her experience in traveling the world researching and learning about handwoven fabrics, the inner workings of factories and the skilled labor involved has influenced her point of view regarding textiles, colors and collaborations. 

As you have heard in past interviews, this company has been the launch pad for many weaver’s businesses, including my own. Being able to work with along side a small business that I know is going to lovingly use every scrap of my handwoven material makes all the difference in my excitement for weaving for them.

We hope that you enjoy our conversation as we talk about what it is like to use social media to grow our business, talking textiles from a different point of a view, and about making decisions to diversify your business.

Find Jamie & The Jones online : Website | Instagram

Comfortcloth specializes in heirloom quality, hand woven products for the home, as well as yardage for the fashion and accessories industries.

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