S1E14 : Community Organizations Part 1 : Hudson Valley Textile Project with Gail Parrinello

This week we are talking with Gail Parrinello owner of the Cornwall Yarn Shop in Cornwall, NY and President of the board for the Hudson Valley Textile Project.

Gail started her yarn shop in 2004 with the intention of offering locally produced yarn, but at the time she was disappointed in the offerings that were available. That fueled her passion to create connections in our local supply chain that eventually developed into the Hudson Valley Textile Project. Now her store and many other places proudly carry Hudson Valley yarns on their shelves. Bringing our supply chain closer together and sharing their stories

The Hudson Valley Textile Project recognizes, celebrates and supports a sustainable model of regionally sourced, processed, and manufactured fiber products.  While members may work independently, their communal action is in support of a farm to fashion fiber chain that supports local growers, processors, artisans, manufacturers, and consumers.

Gail also has a podcast called Common Threads- there you can listen to stories and perspectives from all different people in the fiber supply chain. She highlights the many aspects of the regional textile economy in the Hudson Valley Region.

Through the Hudson Valley Textile Project we have been able to source wool yarn that we then make value added product for the farmers. This has been an eye opening organization to be a part of so if you are interested please visit their website to support or become a member: hvtextileproject.org to learn more and sign up. It has been really exciting to see all the different aspects of the local supply chain come together and make beautiful products that support each other.

We hope that you enjoy our conversation as we talk with Gail about her connection to fiber, the vision behind the Hudson Valley Textile Project, and the experiences she has had in building connections within the local fiber community.

Find Gail online : Cornwall Yarn Shop |Facebook

Find HVTP online : Hudson Valley Textile Project | Instagram | Facebook

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