S1E26 : Artrider’s Jackie Jarit Sobel on what it takes to put on a show – Part 1

This week we talk with Jackie Jarit Sobel, the Director of the craft show producer Artrider. Artrider Productions Inc. has been nationally acclaimed for producing innovative events in the Northeast since 1982 and produces shows and festivals that maintain the highest standards and reflect an unwavering commitment to excellence. Their events have been ranked among the top nationwide.

Artrider has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to the craft and arts communities, raising thousands of dollars for CERF+ (Craft Emergency Relief Fund + Artists’ Emergency Resources), the Guilford Art Center, the Westport Young Woman’s League and more than $3 million for the National Trust for Historic Preservation.¬†Artrider produces Crafts at Lyndhurst, CraftMorristown, CraftWestport, the Rhinebeck Crafts Festival and CraftNewYork at Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center.

We met Jackie as vendors through Artrider. Having participated in Crafts at Lyndhurst and the Rhinebeck Crafts Festival, we have a perspective of being artists. But we really wanted to know what goes on on the producing side of a craft show. What goes into it, and what are some of the challenges and victories that are involved with producing.

So we hope you enjoy the first part of our conversation with Jackie as we talk about the ins and outs of producing a high caliber craft show.

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