S1E28 : Angie Parker on Pricing her work, Arts education in the UK, krokbragd, and color!

This week we are talking with Angie Parker of Angie Parker Textiles in Bristol, England.

In 2014, she established her business by creating distinctive and intricate rugs and textile art. Her speciality is in using traditional weaving techniques, such as krokbragd and giving them a fresh outlook in modern colors and proportions.

Her distinctive style was developed while she pursued a career in costume design. While working, she would continue to weave on small scale collections. Through these collections, she was able to combine her instinctive weaving and daring approach to color with time honored techniques, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary. After time spent in India, and more recently, the colorful graffiti and houses in her Bristol neighborhood, her color palette has been influenced in a way that connects with the viewer in a joyful and exciting way.

We hope you enjoy our conversation as we talk about what it takes to start a business, pricing her work, the arts education in the United Kingdom, krokbragd, and the joys of color.

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