S2E7 : Peggy Osterkamp on Finding Weaving, the Joy of Play & Sampling, Making Woven Art, Teaching, & more

This week we are talking with Peggy Osterkamp. Peggy is the author of the New Guide to weaving series, Weaving for Beginners – An Illustrated Guide, and has a prolific blog available to share tips, stories of her travels, and artistic discoveries. She has found great joy in sharing her love of handweaving with students near and far and has a wealth of knowledge to bestow upon them. 

Personally, I have been following Peggy’s blog since I was in college and first learning how to weave. To this day I still find her artwork inspiring. The experiments with materials, structures and presentations are a testament to how she finds play whenever she sits and works at the loom. And her ability to clearly explain the techniques and methods she uses is a must for any weaver who wishes to reconnect with their weaving skills on a different level.

We hope you enjoy our conversation as we talk about how she became a weaver, the joys of sampling, and what the process was like putting her knowledge in book and blog form.

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