S1E6 : Don’t Apologize for the Price of Your Work with Amanda James

This week we talk to Amanda James of Thief and Moth from Wisconsin.

Amanda is a production weaver who creates beautiful, handwoven yardage for wearables and accessories. She uses her AVL looms to create yardage that explores the relationship between textures and colors. When she works with her clients, it is a collaborative effort to create textiles that exude comfort and style while maintaining the small surprises that come up with weaving. Her work reflects the collaborative effort she puts into the marathon of creating cloth. Consciously, the way color and pattern is placed in the textile, allows the design to breathe and appear effortless. 

We connected through Instagram since we were starting our production weaving journey’s at about the same time. It was a huge help to be able to communicate with someone in the same boat, problem solve together, and work towards the common goal of making weaving a focal point of our careers.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Amanda as we talk about what it’s like to run a weaving business while having a family, what is the driving factor to keep exploring weaving, and how looms tend to multiply when you are not looking.

Find Amanda Online : Thief & Moth | Instagram | Facebook

Comfortcloth specializes in heirloom quality, hand woven products for the home, as well as yardage for the fashion and accessories industries.

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