S1E9 : Be Patient, Never give up with Joseph Young

This week we talk with Joseph Young of Interwoven from California. Joseph is a weaver who specializes in contemporary Zapotec weaving. For a little background, the Zapotec are an indigenous people that have lived in the Valley of Oaxaca for at least 2,500 years. Their one-of-a-kind weaving traditions have carried on to this day, showcasing unique colors and symbolism. Joseph, fell in love with this style of weaving and dove in, learning how to create tapestries in both the traditional and contemporary style. From the start of getting hand selected wool fibers spun for warp and weft, naturally dying the yarn, and executing the designs, he is intimately involved with each step of the weaving process, making these creations an extension of himself.

We hope that you enjoy our conversation with Joseph as we talk about some of the specific aspects of modern Zapotec weaving, the challenges and triumphs of weaving, and how his work is going to evolve in light of current events.

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