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What looms do you weave on?

I weave primarily on 3 AVL looms:

  • Folding dobby, 40 inch/16 Harness
  • Production dobby, 60 inch/16 Harness
  • Industrial Compu-Dobby, 72 inch/24 Harness running on compressed air and solar power
What year did you start weaving?

early 80s?

How did you get into weaving?

I was a knitter who wanted to learn to spin. And as the only spinners I knew were members of the local weaver’s guild, I started hanging out with a bunch of bad influences who led me into the dark arts of the fiber world!

Do you specialize in any particular kind of weaving? if so what?

I am particularly interested in working with breed specific wools and wool blends sourced and processed in the Northeast US.  I do a lot of blankets, shawls, scarves and sewing yardage.

What is your favorite part of weaving?

For many years, I would have said that throwing the shuttle on the floor loom was the best…that lovely rhythmic whole body movement, like swimming. But now, I like best the threading process.  The whole warping process, despite the anxiety of possible errors, is a complex, excitement building, process…like building an elaborate marble or domino run. You set everything up, and then throw the shuttle.  Did you make all the right bets?