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What our listeners have to say :

“Wow thank you So interesting Met Scott on The Trail a few years ago and what struck me was how generous he is with sharing his weaver wisdom . You really captured that here And cudos to you both as you are so energetic and creative with your approach to weaving”

– MW on Facebook S1E1

“If you like thoughtful podcasts THIS is one to check out! If you’re into conversations about making things, and the process of doing so… dang you’ve landed exactly where you need to be. I am always curious and excited about how and why makers work with materials. The process in how makers make is something that feels like such a difficult thing to grasp for those who are unfamiliar with the process. It’s so cool to see the curtain peeled back. I’m happy to hear the insights both from the artist and the podcasters (not sure what the proper term is) slash artists. I’m certainly inspired. I’m looking forward to hearing more!”

– Murtoise on Apple Podcasts (5 Stars).

“I’m really enjoying your podcast. You keep me company while I’m in my weaving room.”

– JR via email.

“I’ve listened to both the podcasts and as a weaver, I found them to be insightful investigations into the unique approach of individual studio weavers, and also the ties that bind us together as weaver and makers in lineage that parallels humanity. Cloth is a ubiquitous element of daily life. We’re wrapped in cloth from birth to death, and it was once all woven by hand. These are interviews with weavers who still practice pre industrial techniques to make their cloths. Philosophy, artistry, love, and discipline, craft artists at work.”

Juatestiles on Apple Podcasts (5 Stars)

“Hi! I love this podcast SO MUCH. I’m a relatively new weaver, and I’m planning to start selling more seriously in the fall. This has been so helpful.”

-AH via Instagram DM

“After listening to a few of the Professional Weaver podcasts I knew that I had to become a subscriber to support Tegan and Eric in their mission to create a professional weaving community.  Access to professional weavers and learning about their processes and experiences has helped further my path to marketing my own handwoven textiles.  The podcasts are diverse, very informative and so engaging that I feel included. Kudos to you on a great job.  I am very inspired by it.”

– Susan Clifford @essclifford

“Your podcasts and the work that you do continue to be a source of inspiration and hope in this crazy world that we live in. Covid has knocked us all for a loop, and you seem to be channeling your creativity into other areas to the benefit of the weaving community. You are showing us what a wonderful community it is. I love what you are doing with the mill and whenever this all ends and, whenever they open the Canada/US border, would love to visit. Thanks so much and stay safe.”

-Susan Clifford (Episode 23)

“As a young weaver myself, it’s amazing to see the next generation of weavers embrace the podcast medium to make our community feel more connected and allow us to learn from one another. I look forward to each and every episode.”

– ClintonianNYC on Apple Podcasts (5 stars)