S1E30 : Anne Fernweh on fiber magic, starting her business, and the pros and cons of weaving on older looms.

This week we are talking with Anne Fernweh of Witch Craeft from Vermont. In her bio, Anne quotes Alexander Langlands by saying “To be craefty is all about resourceful living and about going back to the basics: a mindful life achieved through beautiful simplicity.” Her work envelops this idea, making each piece personal, thoughtful, and powerful in its grace. While she was earning her Master’s Degree in Dress and Textile histories in Scotland, the seeds for Witch Craeft were sewn. The business grew out of her desire to blend her love of textiles with her earth based spirituality, graduate studies and the ancestral tradition of handweaving. Since childhood she has been delighted by textile art “transmuting mundane fibers into magical heirlooms”, learning techniques and skills from the hands of her mother and grandmother. 

She strives to create her work in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes ethically sourcing sustainably produced natural fibers and dyes, supporting local economies and fiber sheds whenever possible, and reducing loom waste and finding creative ways to recycle the fiber remnants. Her business is also dedicated to serving and providing a supportive space for peoples of every race, gender identity, sexuality, ability and age, to make her work as inclusive and powerful as possible.

We hope you enjoy our conversation as we talk about how she blends her witch craft with her weaving craft, how her graduate studies have influenced her current work, and how she envisions her business existing in the world.

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