S2E5 : Lucy MacDonald on her weaving education, starting her own studio, what goes into her complex designs, and more!

This week we are talking with Lucy MacDonald of Arra Textiles from Scotland. Arra Textiles is named after Lucy’s great grandmother, Arra MacDonald, born and brought up on Orkney, she passed down her love of textiles to Lucy. After graduating with a degree in textile design at university, Lucy worked for a range of different companies before deciding to invest in a loom and start her own business. 

Her work is inspired by the ever changing sea scapes that are near and far from her home and studio. The desire to travel always pulls her in directions of different coastlines from the archipelagos of Finland, the southern coast of Australia, or the beautiful coastlines in Scotland. Each year she produces a small collection of bespoke scarves which are woven using hand-dyed locally sourced yarn. While creating, she strives to produce as little waste material as possible by using every last bit of material and reselling any yarn cone ends. The majority of the yarn she uses is sourced in Britain, maintaining the traceability factor in her work. 

With her zero-waste production policy and emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, she can be sure that her work will become timeless heirlooms to be enjoyed for generations to come, before biodegrading naturally at the end of its’ lifespan.

We hope that you enjoy our conversation with Lucy as we talk about her education, what it was like starting up her own studio, and what goes into her complex woven designs.

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