S2E11 : Janet Phillips on becoming a weaver, teaching woven design, the importance of sampling to understand structure, and more

This week we are talking with Janet Phillips from England. Janet has been designing and weaving for over 40 years after studying Industrial Textile Design at the Scottish College of Textiles, graduating with a First Class Honors Degree. Color and texture are still the foundations that keep her weaving. She dyes most of the yarns she uses and she is continually experimenting and sampling to find new weaves and textures. 

Janet also has a deep commitment to teaching others to be creative with their weavings. She has authored two books, Designing Woven Fabrics and Exploring Woven Fabrics, which encourage weavers to really understand how a woven fabric is constructed guiding the weaver to develop their own designs and structures.

Enjoy our conversation with Janet as we talk about how she became a weaver, teaching woven design, and the importance of sampling to understand woven structures.

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