S2E14 : Margaret Fischer on how her business evolved, production weaving, and about making a career to support what you want out of life.

This week we are talking with Margaret Fischer of Greentree Weaving from Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Margaret has been fascinated by the craft of handwaving since she first saw a weaving demonstration at a county fair in California when she was just 9 years old. Since then weaving has dominated her life and has brought her great joy. Her studio has grown and evolved from working out of her home in California, to a barn in Petaluma, moving to New Mexico, and to a multiple building workshop in Colorado. The size of her team ebbing and flowing with every iteration of her business. 

Now her business resides in Ohio, where it supports multiple buildings, including the main studio aptly named “The Temple of Yarn”. The property also has pastures and hayfields which house a flock of natural colored sheep which supply yarns for her line of home grown wool garments. Four dedicated crafts people create the clothing that features fabric woven on hand looms designed and built by Greentree Weaving. There are also four antique power looms that are able to weave some of the cloth that is produced. Greentree Weaving’s primary market is juried Renaissance Festivals throughout the United States.  Margaret’s wonderful sense of color, simple styling, and quality craftsmanship are a favorite with patrons of the Festivals.

Greentree Weaving’s mission is to create strikingly original and beautiful handmade garments using natural fibers, sustainable practices, and happy, loving crafters in order to spread their clothes and the message of love and connection that they hold all over the world. 

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Margaret as we talk about how her business evolved, the challenges and rewards of production weaving, and about making a career to support what you want out of life.

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