S1E20 : Justin Squizzero Talks Linen, natural dying, & keeping close records.

This week we talk with Justin Squizzero of The Burroughs Garret in Vermont. Squizzero challenges modern definitions of progress by creating functional textiles that celebrate the natural world and the dignity of human labor. Echoing a time when utilitarian objects were entirely handcrafted, his work connects material, maker, and user across time and place. Squizzero’s venture, The Burroughs Garret, draws on the textile traditions of his northern Vermont home, marrying natural dyes and fibers with a reserved aesthetic rooted in early New England. Produced on his 19th-century farm using 200-year-old hand looms, Squizzero’s textiles examine the role of handcraft in a post-industrial society, questioning the human experience in a digital age.

We met Justin when I invited ourselves to his home for a studio visit last year. We were able to walk his homestead that he shares with his husband; checking out how his farm life intersects with his creative pursuits. It was fabulous to be witness to how he has established his life to revolve around what he loves. 

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Justin as we talk about getting over the fear of linen, natural dyeing, and the benefits of keeping close records of your work.

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