S1E21 : Evee Erb on Weaving in Small Spaces, elevating fiber, & Fast Fashion

This week we will be talking with Evee Erb from North Carolina. Erb is a nationally award-winning American Artist who graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2016 with a BFA in Ceramics. During her time at MICA she also studied illustration and textile design. After studying ceramic sculpture in Florence, Italy, and receiving her degree, she returned to her hometown in Durham, North Caroling, where she has worked at the North Carolina Museum of Art, taught workshops at a variety of art centers, served on curatorial jury panels, and given lessons and art talks at various institutions. 

Through her work, she studies the figure through a contemporary lens, focusing on human connection and mortality. Her interdisciplinary work explores the impact of anxiety and trauma on identity and gender expression. Finding herself constantly aware of the connections between memory, body and media, she presents the human form examining the dissonance between the psyche and external patriarchal culture. The pliable connections between the physical and psychological are illustrated by the intimacy between the figure and its surroundings. Her resulting work, showing the explorations between mind, body, and healing, evoke personal narratives in psychologically charged environments, questions the impact of gender and identity on our perception of subjective reality. 

We hope you enjoy our conversation as we talk about the logistics of an interdisciplinary

approach to her art, elevating the value of fiber, and discussing fast fashion and it’s impact on her own clothing label. 

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Comfortcloth specializes in heirloom quality, hand woven products for the home, as well as yardage for the fashion and accessories industries.

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One thought on “S1E21 : Evee Erb on Weaving in Small Spaces, elevating fiber, & Fast Fashion

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this as I’m weaving a large tapestry. Thank you for starting a weaver focused podcast ❤️

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