S2E1 : William Storms on designing commercial fabrics, weaving fine art, and his collab with Crosby Street Studios

This week we are speaking with William Storms from New York.

William is a professional weaver in both the industrial and artistic realm. Through his industrial work he is working with Jacquard looms and designing intricate repeat designs that will be translated for use in public applications. His artistic work explores materials and hand manipulation to create dynamic pieces of art. One of his ongoing pieces with Artist Raul Martinez, is a rug that was woven with bullets that were collected within a respective country to weave a ballistic map. Each of the bullet casing’s headstamp reveals the country and manufacturer of origin. These maps were woven during his residencies at the Museum of Art and Design in NYC, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, Massachusetts, and the Governors Island Residency in NYC. A new project where his artistic vision and industrial knowledge have blended together is working in conjunction with Crosby Street Studios to create a collection of handwoven custom rugs. These rugs explore the tradition of American Craft through a modern lens. It is his first collaboration of this kind and the rugs are available in four colorways, as well as fully custom colors and sized to order.

We hope you enjoy our conversation as we talk to William about how he found his way to weaving, how his art and industrial practices feed into each other, and where he sees his working moving to in the future.

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William Storms x Crosby Street Studios : Website

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