Bonus : Beyond the Bauhaus – Inspiration for Contemporary Weavers

The Bauhaus, an acclaimed school that embraced the principle of equality among artists and the arts alike, has continued to influence and impact American art long since it’s closure. The weaving workshop in particular was a place of developing aesthetic and supporting innovative teaching methods. Many weavers have “On Weaving” by Anni Albers sitting in their bookshelf. 

But, is that the epitome of weaving advancement? Are there other weavers who have pushed the boundaries of design and theory? Our upcoming round table, “Beyond the Bauhaus”, we are talking with Evee Erb, Tegan Frisino, Lilly Marsh, and Justin Squizzero with Eric Frisino as the moderator, different influences for our work. During the discussion we will explore inspiring weavers, techniques and methods, and other sources of inspiration. 

We hope you join our conversation as we explore “Beyond the Bauhaus” what inspires our panelists.

Find our panelists online:

Evee Erb : Podcast | Website | Patreon

Justin Squizerro : Podcast | Website | Instagram

Lilly Marsh : Episode | Website | Instagram | Facebook

Sydney Sogol : Episode | Website | Instagram | Facebook

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