S1E13 : Working with Spinning Mills with Mary Jeanne Packer

This week we are talking with Mary Jeanne Packer from Battenkill Fibers Carding and Spinning Mill in Greenwich, NY.

A little over ten years ago, Mary Jeanne started the Battenkill Fiber Mill, which processes raw wool and spins it into beautiful worsted yarn for both knitters and spinners. This small mill takes the raw fiber from our local fiber shed and takes it through all the stages necessary to make great yarn that is best for the the fiber itself. As part of the services the the mill provides, they have weaver’s on contract to help bring those yarns further to life by having them woven into heritage blankets that will showcase the best qualities and colors of the yarns created at the mill.

We have been weaving with the Battenkill Fiber Mill for a long time, always finding new challenges and learning about the different wools as they pass through our looms. We hope that you enjoy our conversation as we talk about what it’s like to develop yarn for handweaving, the different qualities of wool, and how to make the most of naturally dyed fibers at the spinning mill.

Find Mary Jeanne Online : Battenkill Fibers Website | Instagram | Facebook | Fingerless Gloves

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