S1E4 : Be Clear About Your Goals with Lilly Marsh

This week we talk with Lilly Marsh from Queensbury, New York.

Lilly is a production weaver whose work is directly connected with her active role in the fiber shed community. She views the weaving and textile world through the lens of her PhD in American Cultural Studies at Purdue University, with a focus on American Craft in the 20th Century. Out of her studios in Queensbury and Glens Falls, New York, she produces fine scarves, shawls, and simple garments, as well as throws and blankets. Her work primarily showcases the beautiful qualities of naturally colored, regionally sourced wool, but she also has used silk, tencel, and cotton in her work.

I met Lilly through our shared connection to the Battenkill Fiber and Spinning Mill and more recently through the Hudson Valley Textile Project. Her meticulous attention to detail when it comes to her weavings are inspiring and really showcase what hand weaving can do with locally produced fiber. 

We hope you enjoy our discussion about the dynamics and identities within the craft community, the journey from learning to weave to her community activism, and how the current pandemic has affected our business growth.

Find Lilly Marsh online : Website | Instagram | Facebook | Right Here

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