S1E2 : Do what you love and don’t be afraid with Frittelli & Lockwood

This week, we are super excited to have our guests, Cecelia Frittelli and Richard Lockwood of Frittelli and Lockwood. They have been involved with textiles for decades, and just so happen to be our weaving mentors. They have been producing their line of handwoven wearables from various studios, but most currently out of the Textile Studio in Saratoga Springs, NY. Their clothing for men and women are wonderful pieces that showcase their combined talents of textile design, tailoring, and finishing touches that would make any person look dashing.

When Cecelia and Richard introduce us to other people, the running joke is “they are us 20 years ago.” What they don’t realize is how much Eric and I look up to them thinking “that could be US in 20 years”. One thing we strive for is to have a studio like theirs. Their studio is wonderful. Everywhere you look there is either a beautiful handwoven item, a Macomber loom with interesting yardage on it, and yarns in luxurious textures and colors. I secretly love the cutting room in the back, where, if I’m lucky, I’ll catch Richard working on cutting out garment pieces- meticulously matching stripes, or figuring out the best button hole placement.

They have have been a tremendous help in guiding us through our first years attending craft shows as vendors, how to effectively run a successful business, and learning how to weave like a production weaver by working in the studio when they needed extra hands. Eric and I like to call it “power weaving” because you can just CRANK through yardage by simplifying your movements and not being so gentle with the loom.

During this interview we caught up about how we are all working through the Covid-19 Pandemic as craftspeople, their history in textiles and hand weaving, and the differences between the weaving community in the past versus where it is going today. We hope you enjoy as we catch up with our friends and mentors, Cecelia Frittelli and Richard Lockwood, the weaving dream team.

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