S1E3 : Do Not Undervalue Your Work with Sydney Sogol

This week we talk with Sydney Sogol of Syd’s Threads from Durham, North Carolina.

With an eye on the environment around her and her hands rhythmically working on AVL looms, Sydney brings to life wearable pieces that celebrate how nature and technology can work together to make art. She hand paints her warps with wide swaths of bold colors, pulling color palettes and ratios from her research of birds and marine wildlife. The complex weave structures she creates make the colors shimmer throughout the cloth. Her computer aided designs also serve to accentuate the qualities of the yarn she uses. These yarns are manufactured in a closed circuit loop, minimizing its environmental impact by reusing all water and using only non-toxic chemicals.

Like many weavers in my peer group, I met Sydney through Instagram. We have been talking for a few years before we finally met in person at the American Craft Council show in Baltimore, MD this year. We are fast friends who text each other with weaving questions and even just our weaving victories. We even seem to share the same habit of collecting AVL looms and always scouring for ways to advance our weaving skills and knowledge. 

I’m really excited to let you know that she is now creating hand painted tencel warps for other people to explore on their own looms. I got a sneak peak at what she is making and the colors are super rich and appealing. I can not wait to see what people will make from them. Its always really cool to see how people use painted warps in such different ways. Her painted warp collection will be available for sale on June 5th along with some other really cool products like bandanas and large kitchen towels. She has been exploring corris effect and parallel threadings to create the illusion of three dimensional cloth, which I am pumped to see how it will evolve in her work.   

During our interview, we chat with Sydney about weaving education, what its like being a new working weaver in the community, and the nitty gritty about what its like to start a business in recent years. We hope you enjoy as we dig in to some serious weaving conversation together.

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